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Bruno raced go-karts against Ayrton on the family farm, and Ayrton regarded his nephew's potential very highly.

When leaving Mc Laren at the end of 1993, Ayrton said: "If you think I'm fast, just wait until you see my nephew Bruno".

The "next Senna" is a label that has been applied to a number of aspiring Formula One stars since the Brazilian legend was killed, but there is one young driver the title really does fit.

Ayrton Senna's nephew Bruno is on the verge of an F1 drive next year after impressing in the GP2 feeder category and, without wanting to get carried away on a driver who is not even in F1, the 24-year-old is already showing some similarities to his uncle.

‘It is important for me to be myself,’ said 28-year-old Bruno.

‘But for me, the name carries a very important legacy for the people, and for the country of Brazil.

"You know, when somebody in your family dies..." Senna tries to explain. "But after a while it [not racing] started bothering me a lot. I didn't speak to my family about it because it was such a taboo subject that I just had to hide it. I didn't feel comfortable doing it, although I did sometimes.

I know the difficulties, and the great responsibility with this name, because it evokes memories of Ayrton and excellence.

‘When you get inspiration from a champion, a very complete champion, you can apply areas of this to your life.

Charming, self-deprecating, he is as laid-back as they come.

"I eat very slowly," he apologises at one point during lunch.

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Between 2014–16, he drove for Mahindra Racing in Formula E. His father, Flávio Lalli, died in a motorcycle crash in 1996.

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