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No particular explanation of the boat's name is known. Some claim it is a shortened form of Mexicano (from the Nahuatl name for a member of the Mexica, the indigenous Aztec people of Anahuac, the Valley of Mexico).Latinos are speakers of romance languages (Spanish) and by definition are Latins.The Spanish word 'Latino' became more common and was used for 'political correctness', not to give the impression that Latinos were not Latin, but because most people of Latin America referred to themselves as 'latinos, using their native Spanish language."Hispanic" specifically refers to Spain, and to the Spanish-speaking nations of the Americas, as cultural and demographic extensions of Spain. In the context of Spain and Latin America, a Hispanic population consists of the people of Spain, and when regarding the inhabitants of the Spanish-speaking nations of the Americas, includes only criollos, mestizos, mulattos, and others with Spanish ancestry, to the exclusion of indigenous Amerindians, unmixed descendants of black Africans and whites or other peoples from later migrations without any Spanish lineage.The Spanish term Latino (for males) or (Latina for females) actually translates into "a Latin person", 1) Latins - a member of one of the Latin peoples; specifically : a native or inhabitant of Latin America 2) Latin - of or relating to the peoples or countries using Romance languages; specifically : of or relating to the peoples or countries of Latin America.

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The Chicano poet and writer Tino Villanueva traced the first documented use of the term as an ethnonym to 1911, as referenced in a then-unpublished essay by University of Texas anthropologist José Limón.

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