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Time only clocks have just one winding hole through the dial, usually located in the center of the dial just below the hands.Most longcase clocks and bracket or mantle clocks have two gear trains and are thus striking clocks.It should be noted that practically all mechanical clocks that have been made within the past 100 years, i.e.those that are not antique, have been made in a factory using mass production techniques.Some of the Chinese and Japanese bells are as old as their Roman, Greek or even Judaic or Egyptian counterparts.

In Christian churches the bells could not have come into use before the end of VI or the beginning of the VII century. D., the army of Clothair besieged Orleans, the Orleans’ bishop Luppe ordered to ring the cathedral bell of St. The besiegers panicked and fled because they took the sound of the bell for an angel’s voice.

Both weight driven clocks and spring driven clocks are usually wound by a key or crank (key) through the dial at the front of the clock.

Many wall clocks are just time only clocks so do not strike the hours.

With our long history with church bells, we can help restore, refurbish, or electrify your beautiful bells with a solution that fits within your budget.

We have installed thousands of bell ringers and would be happy to survey your bells and bell tower.

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