How do you handle intimidating drivers

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How do you handle intimidating drivers

Below are seven keys to dealing with aggressive individuals, excerpted from my book (click on title): “How to Successfully Handle Aggressive, Intimidating, & Controlling People.” Not all of these ideas may apply to your particular situation. By doing so, they create an advantage over you, from which they can exploit your weakness.

The first rule of thumb in the face of a difficult person is to keep your cool.

ONE OF THE SCARIEST THINGS on our roads, and increasingly one of the most common, is being tailgated by a following motorist.

Tailgating (or travelling too close to the car in front) is one of the most dangerous on-road behaviours, for both the tailgater and the vehicle being tailgated.

What do you do with an aggressive driver “on your six”?

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Then, as you begin to understand how to tell the personalities apart, I’ll teach you the ability to allow yourself to become versatile in any selling situation, won’t that be great?The less reactive you are to provocations, the more you can use your better judgment to handle the challenge.When you feel upset with or challenged by someone, before you say or do something you might later regret, take a deep breath and count slowly to ten.In many instances, by the time you reach ten, you would have regained composure, and figured out a better response to the issue, so that you can reduce, instead of exacerbate the problem.If you're still upset after counting to ten, take a time out if possible, and revisit the issue after you calm down.

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Now I want you to focus on a guy like Simon Cowell as we talk about Drivers.

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