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While I’m an emotional guy, my advice is based on logic and evidence.

You need to be good at something, and I’m not talking about your job, I’m talking about an interesting thing that you do and are good at that adds substance to your character and makes you seem like a more interesting and motivated person. I’m talking gorgeous, intelligent, trustworthy and down to earth, a QUALITY girl. Maybe, but maybe not, because for a girl to be a dime piece they need to have more than just looks.You can also learn how to read palms, girls absolutely love when a guy knows how to do that. Being an artist is another great skill that girls admire.Be creative and have fun, you don’t even need to be the best at the skill you choose, as long as you become good enough to show the ladies that you are dedicated to it and actually enjoy it.

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They want something more because they can literally pick any guy they want and have him, so it’s only natural for them to try and find the best.

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