Updating biostar bios Camchat houston xxx

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Updating biostar bios

We DO NOT recommend you to update BIOS while system is running. If you fit into this category then it is recommended to use the method provided by them. You can also try your luck with the flashrom project (more on flashrom below).

Don’t forget to check with our website as often as possible to be up to date with the latest releases.

The manual recommends i update my motherboards BIOS, and after installing the card, my system did not boot.

So i'm wondering if i can get a quick guide to updating my BIOS, or a link to an easy to understand tutorial.

The version of BIOS you have most likely doesn't have the splash screen). After the flashing is done, reset the computer and enter CMOS setup again.

Then immediately press PAUSE/BREAK key to suspend the boot process. This time choose "Load Optimized Defaults" from the main menu.

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- Socket AM2 - Supports AMD Athlon 64 X2/64/FX/Sempron Processors - Hyper Transport Technology up to 2G - Supports AMD Cool'n Quiet Technology - Supports BIO-Remote 2 Technology - Supports Charger Booster Technology Applying a new BIOS version can bring various fixes, add new features, or improve existing ones; however, this action is very risky and should be carefully carried out in a steady power environment (such as the one ensured by a UPS unit), and only when it is really needed.

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