Usan dating culture

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Usan dating culture

Para descubrir los hábitos millennials, el sitio web americano realizó recientemente una encuesta a 9,761 estudiantes para entender su uso de Tinder.

Del 72% que lo había usado, un 70% dijo que nunca había quedado con alguien de la aplicación y el 44% admitió que la usaba para “subir su autoestima”.

Sahagian also said that the new study may underestimate the effect of reservoirs.

(Related news: "China's Three Gorges Dam, by the Numbers" [June 9, 2006].) The study estimates that human-made reservoirs worldwide store about 2,600 cubic miles (10,800 cubic kilometers) of water—nearly as much as is found in Lake Superior, one of the world's largest lakes.

Water stored in a multitude of smaller reservoirs also adds up, the researchers said.

In May 2008, leaders from 12 South American countries inked the Constitutive Treaty to create UNASUR with the goal of enhancing regional economic and political integration.

When Uruguay became the ninth member to ratify the charter in December 2010, the accord gained the necessary votes to give UNASUR legal status.

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